Advance Reverse Osmosis Membrane System

Advance Reverse Osmosis Membrane System

Advanced Hollow Fiber Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane System for drinking water production systems are well established and accepted as one of the most recent and advanced technology for the production of high quality drinking water. Ease of operation, cost effective, simple and modular system and energy efficient are among the advantages offered by RO membrane system.

The locally developed RO system was specifically design to be able to cater for Malaysia as well as worldwide feed water with various expected contaminants in the feed water. The system consists of eight stages of filtration system which can filter out any dissolved and suspended solids, bacteria and viruses. Many patents and scientific papers dealing with the membrane formation focused on the polymer solution formulation. The developed system produced uniquely high rejection coefficient of contaminants. This was due to the combination of novel design of spinneret during the production system and a novel design of the RO system. The membranes produced were then used as the heart of this advanced RO system for drinking water production.

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